Physical Sciences

To see the learning outcomes for UCLA's baccalaureate degree programs in the Humanities, please check by department or interdepartmental program (IDP):

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Environmental Sciences B.S.

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biochemistry B.S.
Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry/Materials Science B.S.
General Chemistry B.S.

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences B.A.
Geology B.S.
Geology/Engineering Geology B.S.
Geology/Paleobiology B.S.
Geophysics/Applied Geophysics B.S.
Geophysics/Geophysics & Space Physics B.S.

Applied Mathematics B.S.
Financial Actuarial Mathematics B.S.
Mathematics B.S.
Mathematics of Computation B.S.
Mathematics for Teaching B.S.

Mathematics/Atmospheric Science IDP
Mathematics/Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences B.S.

Mathematics/Economics IDP
Mathematics/Economics B.S.

Physics and Astronomy
Astrophysics B.S.
Biophysics B.A.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S.

Statistics B.S.