Physical Sciences

To see the learning outcomes for UCLA's baccalaureate degree programs in the Humanities, please check by department or interdepartmental program (IDP):

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Environmental Sciences B.S.

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biochemistry B.S.
Chemistry B.S.
General Chemistry B.S.
Materials Chemistry B.S.

Earth and Space Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences B.A.
Geology B.S.
Geology/Engineering Geology B.S.
Geology/Paleobiology B.S.
Geophysics/Applied Geophysics B.S.
Geophysics/Geophysics & Space Physics B.S.

Applied Mathematics B.S.
Mathematics B.S.
Mathematics/Applied Science B.S.
Mathematics of Computation B.S.
Mathematics for Teaching B.S.

Mathematics/Atmospheric Science IDP
Mathematics/Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences B.S.

Mathematics/Economics IDP
Mathematics/Economics B.S.

Physics and Astronomy
Astrophysics B.S.
Biophysics B.A.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S.

Statistics B.S.